Different breast enhancement incisions

If there is one thing that most women opting to go breast augmentation rarely think about it is the type of incision that surgeon is likely to use on them. Inmost cases it is the surgeon who chooses the incision he or she is going to make, it is in order that you have an idea on the choice your doctor prefers and the reasons for the same. You should therefore investigate the subject if breast enhancement incisions and get to agree with your surgeon accordingly.

Types of breast augmentation incisions

The following are the most common types of breast enhancement incisions your surgeon is likely to choose form:

Breast enhancement incision
  • The peri-areola type incision: This incision, which is also known as the nipple incision is a common form of incision especially among women who are undergoing a multiple surgery involving a beast implant and a breast lift. As the name clearly suggests, the cut is made along the perimeter of the nipple in order to create an opening for the insertion of the implant. The positive side of this cut is that the areola’s dark skin easily hides away any scarring.
  • The inframammary fold incision: This is perhaps the most common breast enhancement incision in cases where only augmentation is a consideration. The cut is normally made on the breasts side approximately where you would expect a bra’s underwire to pass through. The position of the cut makes it possible for the scar to remain hidden but it can be lifted if the patient is also a candidate for a mastopexy.  Even though the inframammary can be used in this occasion, many surgeons prefer the peri-areola choice for any multiple surgeries for simply aesthetic reasons.
  • The armpit entrance: This may not be the best breast enhancement incisions as far as surgeons are concerned but it is normally reserved for those women who very concerned about the issue of scarring. Also known as the transauxilary incision, the position of the cut normally makes it quite a hassle to pass the implant through to the correct place. If you prefer this cut you may have to insist because most doctors don’t favor it.
  • The transumbillical incision: This is the most difficult and as a result the most uncommon of all incisions, unless you are dealing with a very skilled surgeon; it is only used for patients who choose saline fillers. This one is also about those patients who don’t want anything to do with a scar. The scarring is normally done on the belly, perhaps where there is a scar for a C-section or where there are stretch marks. There are very few surgeons who perform this kind of incision.


At the end of the day, the breast augmentation incision will depend on your choice but most importantly what the surgeon will be comfortable doing. Take your time discussing with the surgeon on order to come up with a sound and comfortable decision.

Best candidates for breast enhancement

While every woman would want to do something about the size of their breasts, it is probable that not all women can be candidates for breast enhancement procedures. If you want to improve your physical attractiveness through breast augmentation you need to consider the following factors to see whether you are the right candidate for the procedures:

Breast enhancement candidate
  1. Body frame: There are a number of women who have small breasts simply because of hereditary factors that predispose them towards smaller boobs. If your breasts appear smaller than your body frame is able to carry, you can be a good candidate for breast enhancement surgery so as to get a proportionate body appearance.
  2. Breast symmetry: Other women who are good breast enhancement candidates are those women whose breasts are asymmetrical. Such women will find that one breast is significantly smaller than the other and as a result they cannot easily find the correct dress size but more specifically a bra that fits well. This can be a potentially embarrassing situation especially if the anomaly is clearly noticeable.  The surgeon will choose the best way to rectify the flaw such that this woman can continue leaving her normal life.
  3. Cancer patients: Breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy and lost a breast or two are also viable candidates for breast enhancement. Such patients can undergo a breast reconstruction procedure in order to remove the visual reminder of the ordeal they have had to go through. After going through this procedure they will most likely regain their femininity and self confidence from being cancer survivors.
  4. Childbearing and breastfeeding: While pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are very important components of a woman’s life, sometimes they leave indelible marks such as drooping and sagging breasts many years after a woman is dome with these important processes. When a woman is sure that she will not be having any more babies, she can take it upon herself to reclaim her pre-pregnancy figure. This can be done through a combination breast augmentation and breast lift procedures and she will become a brand new woman.

A cosmetic procedure

The important thing that women must realize is that even though all the above reasons are legitimate reasons why they can be candidates for breast enhancement, they don’t necessarily have to take up the procedure. Since this is a cosmetic procedure, the only women who benefit from it are those who have a positive outlook about the surgery.  Doctors are very quick to point out the fact that breast augmentation in and of itself will not alter a person’s life for the better or make people love her all over again. Women must realize that beyond the surgery, the power to change her outlook in life lies deep inside her.

How to minimize breast enhancement risks

Breast augmentation is considered a minor form of plastic surgery but just like it is with all forms of surgery there are a number o frisks that are involved with it. There are many things you can do in order to minimize breast enhancement risks but here are the most prominent ones:

Minimize breast enhancement risks
  1. Choosing the surgeon: The greatest care needs to be taken when choosing the surgeon who will work on your breasts. You cannot afford to commit yourself to the first surgeon you meet or on account of how much he or she is willing to charge you for the surgery. If you end up with a quack you could end up risking injury and even having to repeat the surgery sooner than you expected from complications.
  2. Be a good candidate: The other way to reduce breast augmentation risk is to make sure that you are the right candidate for a surgery. You must be in good general health and not have any serious conditions such as heart ailments or blood disorders that may make to difficult for healing to take place. You also want to avoid a situation where you will undergo excessive bleeding.
  3. Talk to your doctor:  You will make life easier for you and your doctor if you speak to them beforehand in case you know of any condition you have that could complicate the surgery and healing process. Your doctor will be able to know the course of treatment to take in order to assist you better.
  4. Quit smoking: You will need to quit smoking some 4 – 6 weeks before your surgery because some poisons in cigarette smoke reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood and that may hinder your healing process. This may also include not consuming alcohol some 48 hours before surgery. Failure to observe this could leave you in worse condition than when you began.
  5. Get an experience doctor: You will make sure that you choose on a board certified plastic surgeon that has had sufficient experience. It is important to read reviews and public records to find out whether there are any major complaints against the surgeon. Online reviews are quite important in knowing what people think about the surgeon such that you will want to try and balance the number of negative reviews with positive ones. While no surgeon can guarantee a completely risk free procedure, you want to be sure that you have completely minimized the risks.
  6. A reputable clinic: As you choose the surgeon you will also need to look at the location where he will perform the surgery that it looks like a reputable place. You should look at the location beforehand and make sure that it actually looks clean and presentable.


These may look like simple steps but at the end of the day, they will minimize the chances that you will be unhappy with the results of the breast augmentation surgery you are about to undergo.

The beauty of breast enhancement

Most women who look at the mirror every morning and realize that they are unhappy about the size of their breasts don’t know that they are in millions. It is actually said that three quarters of women worldwide have am issue or two with their breast size or shape. Society seems to indicate that for a woman to become truly feminine she must have a big, round and firm breast and this has created a multi billion dollar market for breast enhancement products. The best news is that women with bigger busts seem to enjoy many advantages that we may care to imagine.

The beauty of breast enhancement

Reasons for breast enhancement

There is an inherent beauty of breast enhancement and this goes beyond appearing sexy and admirable to the male species. Some of the reasons why you may want to consider breast enhancement include:

  1. Clothing choices: Women who have bigger breasts normally have a better body image because they have more clothes fitting them than those with smaller breasts. The plain truth is that most designers design clothes with a big busted woman in mind such that the rest have to do catching up. Clothes with deep plunge necklines and other body hugging outfits appear stunning on women with big breasts making them step out with a higher self esteem.
  2. Bikinis: When you head to the beach, it is women with larger breasts that you will find walking confidently in their body hugging bikinis and bathing suits. Such women will be more relaxed and will find it easier to interact with other people in a more friendly and relaxed manner without feeling self conscious. Such women will enjoy their time out in the sun without an iota of worry.
  3. Lingerie:  Another reason for breast enhancement is that larger breasts will allow you to cozily fill out these intimate undergarments and make you feel sexier. This will most likely make your partner more aroused and engaged and it could lead to amore satisfying sexual experience because the woman feels good about her body.
  4. Bras: Women with small breasts have a harder time getting the correct size of bra as opposed to those with larger boobs. Women with larger breasts have no difficulty getting the correct bra sizes and that alone enhances their self confidence.
  5. Dresses: Women with big breast have a wide variety of dresses to choose from because a bigger cup size normally allows a woman to sort any garments that have a loner neckline and that alone boost the appearance of other body part.
  6. Blouses: Women who have round, bigger and firmer breasts can wear any kind of tops such as those form fitting attractive ones as opposed to those who have smaller breasts who are always tempted to wear tops that don’t draw attention to their chests.



Why most women prefer breast enhancement pills

A woman’s breast is an integral part of her beauty and in many cases it appears that society has already dictated the bigger it is the better. Statistics indicate that close to 75% of women are somehow dissatisfied with the size of their breasts and will do anything to rectify the situation. Those women who want to avoid the expenses and risks involved in breast augmentation surgery will more often than not go for breast enhancement pills.

Breast and beauty

Society judges the attractiveness of a woman in regards to the size of here breasts. That is why women who are naturally endowed are considered sexier and more physically appealing. Since the breasts play a significant role in a woman’s beauty, she will do anything to enhance her breast size. This is the reason why there exists a multi billion breast enhancement industry with surgical breast implants being quite popular. However, in the recent past women have been turning to breast enhancement pills as opposed to breast augmentation surgery.

The trouble with breast augmentation

Breast enhancement pills

After gaining popularity for such a long time, it is slowly emerging that some women are dissatisfied with the use of breast implants for the following reasons:

  1. Look and feel: While breast augmentation is know to deliver quick results which can stay for about 5 – 7 years before you can think of changing the implant, it is emerging among many women that the implants actually feel and look unreal. They also appear quite fake around the periphery that a keen observer can tell that they don’t look real.
  2. Scar tissue:  Women who undergo breast augmentation can sometimes be left with scar tissue that will be a constant reminder while in some cases, the implant itself can stiffen such that you will be required to replace it sooner than you expected.
  3. Cost implication: Breast augmentation can be quite costly and you also have to factor in the fact that you will have to replace the implant every 5 – 7 years. You also must factor in the inconvenience of having to massage the implant into shape a few times daily so as to prevent rigidity.
  4. Attendant risks: You will have to endure the risks of surgery as well as scarring beneath your bust or at any other place where the implant will be inserted.

The safety of breast enhancement supplements

Breast enhancement supplements on the other hand appear quite simple to use and especially when you consider using those which are herbal in their origin. These pills are made from common herbs that are known to contain active ingredients and they don’t have any inkling of synthetic materials. The natural ingredients in breast enhancement pills are numerous forms of phytoestrogen, which like estrogen, stimulates the growth of breast tissue.