Best candidates for breast enhancement

While every woman would want to do something about the size of their breasts, it is probable that not all women can be candidates for breast enhancement procedures. If you want to improve your physical attractiveness through breast augmentation you need to consider the following factors to see whether you are the right candidate for the procedures:

Breast enhancement candidate
  1. Body frame: There are a number of women who have small breasts simply because of hereditary factors that predispose them towards smaller boobs. If your breasts appear smaller than your body frame is able to carry, you can be a good candidate for breast enhancement surgery so as to get a proportionate body appearance.
  2. Breast symmetry: Other women who are good breast enhancement candidates are those women whose breasts are asymmetrical. Such women will find that one breast is significantly smaller than the other and as a result they cannot easily find the correct dress size but more specifically a bra that fits well. This can be a potentially embarrassing situation especially if the anomaly is clearly noticeable.  The surgeon will choose the best way to rectify the flaw such that this woman can continue leaving her normal life.
  3. Cancer patients: Breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy and lost a breast or two are also viable candidates for breast enhancement. Such patients can undergo a breast reconstruction procedure in order to remove the visual reminder of the ordeal they have had to go through. After going through this procedure they will most likely regain their femininity and self confidence from being cancer survivors.
  4. Childbearing and breastfeeding: While pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are very important components of a woman’s life, sometimes they leave indelible marks such as drooping and sagging breasts many years after a woman is dome with these important processes. When a woman is sure that she will not be having any more babies, she can take it upon herself to reclaim her pre-pregnancy figure. This can be done through a combination breast augmentation and breast lift procedures and she will become a brand new woman.

A cosmetic procedure

The important thing that women must realize is that even though all the above reasons are legitimate reasons why they can be candidates for breast enhancement, they don’t necessarily have to take up the procedure. Since this is a cosmetic procedure, the only women who benefit from it are those who have a positive outlook about the surgery.  Doctors are very quick to point out the fact that breast augmentation in and of itself will not alter a person’s life for the better or make people love her all over again. Women must realize that beyond the surgery, the power to change her outlook in life lies deep inside her.