Different breast enhancement incisions

If there is one thing that most women opting to go breast augmentation rarely think about it is the type of incision that surgeon is likely to use on them. Inmost cases it is the surgeon who chooses the incision he or she is going to make, it is in order that you have an idea on the choice your doctor prefers and the reasons for the same. You should therefore investigate the subject if breast enhancement incisions and get to agree with your surgeon accordingly.

Types of breast augmentation incisions

The following are the most common types of breast enhancement incisions your surgeon is likely to choose form:

Breast enhancement incision
  • The peri-areola type incision: This incision, which is also known as the nipple incision is a common form of incision especially among women who are undergoing a multiple surgery involving a beast implant and a breast lift. As the name clearly suggests, the cut is made along the perimeter of the nipple in order to create an opening for the insertion of the implant. The positive side of this cut is that the areola’s dark skin easily hides away any scarring.
  • The inframammary fold incision: This is perhaps the most common breast enhancement incision in cases where only augmentation is a consideration. The cut is normally made on the breasts side approximately where you would expect a bra’s underwire to pass through. The position of the cut makes it possible for the scar to remain hidden but it can be lifted if the patient is also a candidate for a mastopexy.  Even though the inframammary can be used in this occasion, many surgeons prefer the peri-areola choice for any multiple surgeries for simply aesthetic reasons.
  • The armpit entrance: This may not be the best breast enhancement incisions as far as surgeons are concerned but it is normally reserved for those women who very concerned about the issue of scarring. Also known as the transauxilary incision, the position of the cut normally makes it quite a hassle to pass the implant through to the correct place. If you prefer this cut you may have to insist because most doctors don’t favor it.
  • The transumbillical incision: This is the most difficult and as a result the most uncommon of all incisions, unless you are dealing with a very skilled surgeon; it is only used for patients who choose saline fillers. This one is also about those patients who don’t want anything to do with a scar. The scarring is normally done on the belly, perhaps where there is a scar for a C-section or where there are stretch marks. There are very few surgeons who perform this kind of incision.


At the end of the day, the breast augmentation incision will depend on your choice but most importantly what the surgeon will be comfortable doing. Take your time discussing with the surgeon on order to come up with a sound and comfortable decision.