Breast enhancement dress tips

There are many women who buy a nice dress they saw at the shop but when they get home they are disappointed because their breasts are too small to fit into that designated space. Perhaps these women want to display some cleavage not only because they love it but also because society seems to demand it. Going for breast enhancement procedures may be a no – no for these women; the most viable option is to learn simple breast enhancement dressing tips.

You are in good company

It is estimated that up to three quarters of women are somehow dissatisfied with their breast size or shape and a majority of them go for breast implants of they take a concoction of herbal mixtures to solve the problem. However, if you are among those women who don’t want to take risks with surgery and are looking for temporary breast enhancement solutions, then these dressing tips for small breasts will come in handy for you.

Dressing tips for small breasted women

Breast enhancement dress tips

Fashion experts are in agreement that you do not have to stuff your bra with things in order to achieve the appearance of having big feminine boobs; the following simple breast enhancement dress tips will see you through that predicament:

Dressing tip #1: Invest in push-up bras

You can give the illusion that you have larger breasts by using a combination of push-up bras or padded bras or a combination of both in a two in one bra. These bras will create a perfect optical illusion for any woman of any cup size and they can actually create a cleavage for women with smaller breasts and for those with larger ones they will give then the lift they need.

  • Padded bras: Normally, padded bras have a build in cushioning that is built into the cups that will give your breast a rounder and larger shape. These bras can be worn undetectable with very tin cloth materials that include even T shirts. Some of the most common variations include the air bra as well as the water bra and you can therefore try any of these options.
  • Push-up bras: Push up bras on the other hand will work with your own breast size and will lift them up an out creating an illusion that they are rounder and bigger. Push up bras are also the best option of you want to create cleavage because they can lift your breast high enough to give you the right size of cleavage.

Dressing tip #2: Draw attention to your chest

After you have invested in a good bra you need to work in drawing attention to your chest through the clothes you wear following these simple tips:

  • Wear shirts that have ruffles close to the chest area so as to accentuate the breasts
  • Wear tops that are gathered or pleated around the breast area and shirts with horizontal stripes to trick eyes into seeing larger breasts.
  • Wear light colored tops and dark colored bottoms to make your upper half appear curvier and the bottom smaller.