Ayurvedic breast enhancement tips

Most women who have read and heard about surgical breast enhancement procedures normally wonder whether there are any other alternatives. This has actually give rise to a number of alternative breast enhancement procedures and among them are Ayurvedic breast enhancement methods. If you are concerned about your small breasts and you truly want to do something about it, the first thing you will need to do is to stop worrying.

Small breasts are normal

The truth of the matter is that any form of breast enhancement that is done is done for purely cosmetic reasons since having small breasts is not a disease. Your breasts may be small because of your body form and size and nothing further. However, if you still feel concerned that you are less attractive as a result of your tiny boobs, you can employ Ayurvedic breast enhancement tips and through the use of effective herbs you increase your cup size without necessarily having to go through surgery.

Understanding your breasts

Ayurvedic breast enhancement

Your breast is made of fibrous tissue and fat globules without any muscular tissue and they are held firmly outside the rib cage by pectoral muscles. You will have a nice cleavage and breast lift only if your pectoral muscles are actually in good shape. While having small breasts is no medical issue, society has made it a crisis and as a result those who are not naturally endowed often feel less attractive and sexy and this can cause a problem with their self esteem.

Causes of small breasts  

The size of a woman’s breast will be determined by the distribution of fat deposits while in most people it will simply be a matter of heredity. However, there are women who have a problem with their hormones and as such they lack sufficient levels of estrogen, which is a female sexual hormone or perhaps they have a greater amount of the male hormone and this results in smaller than normal breasts.

Ayurvedic tips for breast enlargement

There are various simple Ayurvedic breast enhancement tips that can go a long way in making a woman’s body proportionate such that the breast size will be close to what should be normal. In most cases ayurveda will involve the use of some herbs that will rectify the existing problem. Some of the most prominent tips involve:

  • Massage with sesame oil: Massage is an important part of Ayurvedic treatment and when dealing with breast tissue, you can use oil that is made from sesame seeds. Sesame oil is normally chock full of protein, phosphorous, iron and calcium. You may also want to use proper Ayurvedic massage cream if you can t avail sesame oil. The massage procedure needs to be done twice daily and you will end up with soft, supple and big breasts. You need to be careful when massaging the breast so as to apply the correct amount of pressure lest you do more harm than good. The alternative would be to hire the services of a professional masseur.

Lifestyle change: You need to drink lots of water and also try to eat a lot of green vegetables as well as carrot and chicken head soup because they are good sources of estrogen.